Youth Conference Transportation

Parents Give RidesParents will be responsible for getting their youth to and from Youth Conference. We encourage you to carpool when possible. If there is a conflict please let your YM/YW leaders or Stake YM/YW leaders know and we may be able to help.

Youth Conference will take place at White River Amphitheater (40601 Auburn Enumclaw Rd SE, Auburn, WA). The youth should arrive by 8:30AM on Thursday, June 23rd. Morning traffic on Thursday may be heavy, please plan to leave early enough to get there on time. Arrival time on Friday, June 24th is 10:00AM and by 12:30PM on Saturday, June 25th.

Each evening the youth will be returning to their own homes. The pickup times for youth are 10:30PM on Thursday, 10:00PM on Friday (immediately following the performance), and 11:00PM on Saturday (after the cast party).

The performance will happen twice, once on Friday, June 24th and then again on Saturday, June 25th. Gates will open at 7:00PM on both days and guests should be seated by 7:45PM.

Youth Conference Update

2016 Press Forward - Youth Conference Musical

To the young men / young women presidents of each ward:

  • Are you getting all of the needed information concerning conference?
  • Do you have any questions?
  • Are all of your YM/YW signed up?
  • Are all of the needed adults signed up from your ward?

Youth Registration
Adult Registration
Latest Youth Conference Schedule & Bulletin

Please be mindful of the following guidelines:

  • Youth can NOT drive themselves to the youth conference.
  • Dinner will be served each night, however everyone (adults included) will need to bring a sack lunch with them each day. And, there will be no refrigerators to store the lunches so, whatever is brought needs to stay good in warm weather.
  • Remind all the youth to hand out their pass along cards (see below for an electronic copy for distribution via email or social media).
  • This “youth conference” is more than just the musicals. There will be workshops and inspirational speakers (via firesides, etc.), games, etc. going on during all of the days of conference (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).
  • Youth conference starts at 8:30AM on Thursday morning, 10:00AM on Friday morning, and 12:30PM on Saturday afternoon.
  • There are no dressing rooms at the site. The youth will be performing in the clothes they are wearing. Some may have costumes over their clothes.
  • A detailed conference outline is coming later this week. When received by the stake leaders, it I will send it out to all of the YM/YW Presidents in each Ward (along with the bishops).
  • There will be a meeting held on June 16th @ 7:00pm (KSC) for all of the YM/YW presidents in each Ward to attend and get the last info on the Pageant. Please plan to attend.

Youth Conference Musical Pass Along Card   (for emailing and sharing via social media)

For more information, visit the main youth conference web site at:

Mulit-Stake Youth Musical Production

Multi-Stake Youth Musical Production

(updated 24 Jan 16)
Multi-Stake Musical Production
Auburn White River Amphitheater
June 24-25, 2016 (performance each day)
Federal Way – Kent – Maple Valley – Renton Stakes
Youth Ages 14-18

Date / Time Event
April 17 – 7pm Kickoff Fireside KSC
April 20 – 7pm Rehearsal at KSC
April 23 – 9am Saturday auditions for speaking parts at KSC
May 4 – 7pm Rehearsal KSC (rehearsal for speakers at 6pm)
May 18 – 7pm Rehearsal KSC (rehearsal for speakers at 6pm)
June 1 – 7pm Rehearsal KSC (rehearsal for speakers at 6pm)
June 15 – 7pm Rehearsal KSC (rehearsal for speakers at 6pm)
June 22- TBD Location TBD – Dress Rehearsal
June 23 – TBD All Stakes Dress Rehearsal at White River
June 24 – 8:30pm Performance at White River call time TBD
June 25 – 8:30pm Performance at White River call time TBD
June 26 – 7pm Wrap up Fireside KSC

Trek 2015 Website Launched

Kent Stake Youth Trek 2015

The new Kent Stake Youth Trek 2015 website has launched!

The trek website can be found here:

Please make note of this new website (and bookmark it in your favorite web browser) as all pertinent information and documents pertaining to the 2015 trek will be found there as we work to prepare for our pioneer hand-cart trek this year.

Also, in order to receive important notifications regarding trek, please plan to enter your name, email address, and cell phone # (by volunteer opt-in) – this page is coming soon on the new trek website; more information to come…

Activities: August – September

Stake Priest / Laurel Fireside (August 24, 2014)seattle-mormon-temple1

On Sunday, August 24th, the priests and laurels of the stake enjoyed a fireside that focused on family history and temple work. President Stroud introduced the newly sustained Stake Young Women and Stake Young Men Presidencies.

President Wing spoke briefly and reminded the priests, laurels, and stake leaders of the goal to research 10 family names and serve as proxy for their baptism and confirmation ordinances by November 11, 2014 – the date for the next priest / laurel temple trip.

President and Sister Olson, the president and matron of the Seattle Washington Temple, shared inspirational messages about the temple and the ordinances performed therein. They also answered questions that the youth submitted.

Scouting Rendezvous (September 5-6, 2014)

Patience and focus

Approximately 80 young men and their leaders assembled at Ensign Ranch for the annual Scouting Rendezvous. On Friday, the wards set up camp, had their dinners, and then assembled later that evening with the other scouts and leaders throughout the stake for a campfire program. On Saturday, amidst plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s, the young men were able to test their skills and teamwork at the rifle range, climbing wall, and ropes course. A combined group of scouts from the Lake Meridian and Lake Sawyer Wards set a new Ensign Ranch record for an obstacle at the ropes course in which 21 scouts had to transfer one-by-one from one crowded wooden platform to another by swinging on a rope. The previous record was 17 boys.


Stake Conference – Fall 2014

Christ gives the sermon on the mount.…whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same. Doctrine & Covenants 1:38

Our fall Kent Washington Stake Conference begins Saturday September 20, 2014 and concludes on Sunday September 21, 2014. The following meetings are scheduled:

  • Priesthood Leadership Meeting – Saturday September 20 @ 4:00pm
  • Evening Session for ages 12 and older – Saturday September 20 @ 7:00pm
  • General Session for all ages – Sunday September 21 @ 10:00am (Stake Presidency reorganized)

Summer Activities 2014


Priest / Laurel Swim Party
The summer was kicked off (a little early) on Friday May 30th with a swim party and BBQ held for the priests and laurels of the Auburn, Kent, Maple Valley, and Renton Stakes. Our older youth enjoyed swimming, tennis, volleyball, the fire pit, and tons of great food.

Stake Youth Conference
This year’s stake youth conference began at the Kent Stake Center on July 26th and lasted through July 29th. The theme for the conference was ‘Mission Possible‘; portraying that all things are possible through Christ the Lord. A few highlights include the following:

  • Thursday evening: after the attending youth navigated a ‘laser‘; obstacle course on the stage, Brother Nils P. Nelson of the Auburn Institute provided the conference opening address. Brother Nelson fired up the youth and encouraged them to have Christ on their team as they work to complete their mission on earth. President Stroud also conducted a role-play with the youth and Sister Cindy Hainer welcomed the young men and women providing an overview and introduction of the remaining sessions of conference.
  • After the opening session, the youth were off to the homes of their host families.
  • Friday morning brought training (including role-plays) by the Federal Way Mission district leaders (FTMs) followed by a well-received question and answer session.
  • Friday afternoon brought family history research with adding memories training ( by Brother La Mont Palmer and several family history specialists from the stake; the youth also enjoyed indexing grave sites at Tahoma National Cemetery.
  • Friday evening brought a senior dinner and program entitled ‘Music Through the Years‘ the youth did a great job making our seniors feel welcome and honoring them throughout the night. During the program, the youth sang and danced their way into the hearts of our senior members of the stake (65 and older). Afterward the youth and leaders cleaned up and then the youth were off to their host families for the night.
  • Saturday morning found the youth headed up to the Bellevue Stake Center for classes and quiet time at the Seattle Temple. The classes were on scripture reading and prayer and were taught by Sister Katie Tyler and Marcia & Lamar Jacobs respectively. The youth really enjoyed their presentations and then relished some personal time in the stake center and via walking the temple grounds (in the rain!). After the morning session, the youth and leaders converged on Vasa Park Resort in Bellevue for a huge/tasty BBQ with outdoor activities and swimming in Lake Sammamish.
  • Sunday evening brought the concluding testimony meeting and was enjoyed by all present (a great mix of testimonies from both the young women and young men)

For additional details, see the following blog post: ‘Mission Possible SYC 2014‘.

Priest / Laurel Activity
The priests and laurels of our stake enjoyed a nice Wednesday night Mutual activity on July 30th, swimming and playing in the water at the Carter home on Lake Meridian. Refreshments were also enjoyed by the entire group.

Kent Stake Outdoor Dance
Saturday evening August 16th brought the 4 stakes 14+ youth out to President Stroud’s home for an outdoor dance. The weather was perfect and great treats topped off a wonderful evening. The AP/YW also enjoyed a potluck at the Stroud home beforehand. Thank you Strouds!

Priest / Laurel Temple Fireside
On the evening of August 24th, President Thomas R. Olson of the Seattle Temple presidency spoke to the older youth (P/Ls) concerning temple blessings, and he also answered many questions on various topics pertaining to the temple. President Dick Wing also spent a few minutes reminding the youth of the stake’s invitation to do family history research for their ancestors and take 10 names (they have prepared) to the temple in November.