Changes to Young Men Program

The Stake Presidency has recently provided guidance to stake leaders and members concerning the announced changes to the activity program for young men ages 14-18 (Canada and the United States). Please see their message below.

Most questions can be answered here:
Questions and Answers about Changes to the Young Men Program

Supplemental information for the Kent Stake:

  • The Kent Stake will continue to meet on a weekly basis for Young Men activities.
  • This is not a big change for our 14 to 18 year old activities.
  • Boys currently working toward Eagle should continue (reg’d in the Scout Troop).
  • Boys ages 14-18 working on their Eagle Scout Rank do most of their merit badge work at home with family help and involvement.
  • We need a renewed emphasis of parent involvement with all scouting activities.
  • Renewed emphasis on Duty to God, and splitting with the missionaries.
  • The new activity program for 14-18 year old young men should be: youth lead, connect them with heaven, and promote trusting relationships which anchor the young men to the gospel.

Kent Stake leaders are still evaluating the impacts of these changes, and will provide more guidance in the future.

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