Youth Conference Transportation

Parents Give RidesParents will be responsible for getting their youth to and from Youth Conference. We encourage you to carpool when possible. If there is a conflict please let your YM/YW leaders or Stake YM/YW leaders know and we may be able to help.

Youth Conference will take place at White River Amphitheater (40601 Auburn Enumclaw Rd SE, Auburn, WA). The youth should arrive by 8:30AM on Thursday, June 23rd. Morning traffic on Thursday may be heavy, please plan to leave early enough to get there on time. Arrival time on Friday, June 24th is 10:00AM and by 12:30PM on Saturday, June 25th.

Each evening the youth will be returning to their own homes. The pickup times for youth are 10:30PM on Thursday, 10:00PM on Friday (immediately following the performance), and 11:00PM on Saturday (after the cast party).

The performance will happen twice, once on Friday, June 24th and then again on Saturday, June 25th. Gates will open at 7:00PM on both days and guests should be seated by 7:45PM.