Youth Conference Update

2016 Press Forward - Youth Conference Musical

To the young men / young women presidents of each ward:

  • Are you getting all of the needed information concerning conference?
  • Do you have any questions?
  • Are all of your YM/YW signed up?
  • Are all of the needed adults signed up from your ward?

Youth Registration
Adult Registration
Latest Youth Conference Schedule & Bulletin

Please be mindful of the following guidelines:

  • Youth can NOT drive themselves to the youth conference.
  • Dinner will be served each night, however everyone (adults included) will need to bring a sack lunch with them each day. And, there will be no refrigerators to store the lunches so, whatever is brought needs to stay good in warm weather.
  • Remind all the youth to hand out their pass along cards (see below for an electronic copy for distribution via email or social media).
  • This “youth conference” is more than just the musicals. There will be workshops and inspirational speakers (via firesides, etc.), games, etc. going on during all of the days of conference (Thursday, Friday and Saturday).
  • Youth conference starts at 8:30AM on Thursday morning, 10:00AM on Friday morning, and 12:30PM on Saturday afternoon.
  • There are no dressing rooms at the site. The youth will be performing in the clothes they are wearing. Some may have costumes over their clothes.
  • A detailed conference outline is coming later this week. When received by the stake leaders, it I will send it out to all of the YM/YW Presidents in each Ward (along with the bishops).
  • There will be a meeting held on June 16th @ 7:00pm (KSC) for all of the YM/YW presidents in each Ward to attend and get the last info on the Pageant. Please plan to attend.

Youth Conference Musical Pass Along Card   (for emailing and sharing via social media)

For more information, visit the main youth conference web site at: